Course Description

This course seeks to provide a broad introduction to the theory of knowledge by covering some of the most important topics in the area. We will cover both traditional and emerging topics, including the nature, sources and justification of knowledge, perception, inference, virtue epistemology, and Africana epistemology. By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Appreciate the fundamental concepts of epistemology and their implications
for philosophy;
  • Discuss the differences between Africana and Western conceptions of knowledge; and,
  • Discuss the issues involved in various conceptions of knowledge, their strengths, and weaknesses.



  1. What Is Epistemology?
  2. What Is Knowledge?
  3. Where Does Knowledge Come From?
  4. What Is Truth, and How Do We Find It?
  5. What Are Inferences, and How Do They Work?
  6. What Do We Perceive?
  7. Do We Need Justification?
  8. What Is Virtue Epistemology?
  9. Do We Have Revelation?
  10. How Certain Can We Be?

Required Book

  • Dew Jr, J. K., & Foreman, M. W. (2014). How Do We Know?: An Introduction to Epistemology. InterVarsity Press.

Supplementary Materials

  • All Supplementary Materials are available on the Learning Management System