Course Description

What are the different categories of existing (and possible) things? What kinds of relations exist between these things? What is a person, and what are the constitutive elements of personal identity? What is the nature of causality and agency? What is time and how does it relate to temporal experience? These questions belong in the domain of metaphysics – a branch of philosophy that is concerned with the nature of reality. Metaphysics considers, among others, such basic concepts as existence, causation, possibility, and identity. This course will study these questions from traditional, contemporary and Africana perspectives.


  1. The Question of Being
  2. Realism and Idealism
  3. Universals and Particulars
  4. Necessity
  5. Causation
  6. Time and Space
  7. Personal Identity
  8. Africana Perspectives

Required Book

  • Crane, T., & Farkas, K. (2004). Metaphysics: a guide and anthology.

Supplementary Materials

  • All Supplementary Materials are available on the Learning Management System