History of Africana Philosophy

History of Africana Philosophy

Course Description

This class examines the main ideas of key thinkers within the Africana philosophical tradition. Rather than proceeding chronologically, the course is structured around thematic units designed to give a foundational understanding of the development of Africana thought on a series of major philosophical topics: methodology, rationality, race, white supremacy, gender, time, and culture. The course is structured to give students an advanced understanding of these topics, the (in)commensurability of Africana and Western answers offered, and the multiplicity of methods employed in Africana philosophical thought.


  1. Methodology and the Idea of History
  2. Rationality, Afrocentricity and Ways of Knowing
  3. Gender, Equality, and Power
  4. Race and White Supremacy
  5. Time
  6. Philosophy and Culture

Required Book

  1. Hallen, Barry. A short history of African philosophy. Indiana University Press, 2009.

Supplementary Materials

Numerous articles and books, including:

  1. Browne, Kingsley. Divided Labors: An evolutionary view of women at work. Yale University Press, 1998.
  2. Mills, Charles Wade. The racial contract. Cornell University Press, 1997.